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How to Remove Pet Stains from Your Carpet

You love your pets and consider them a part of your family, but there is no doubt that they can have accidents on your carpets leading to stains and odors. That's why if you do have cats and dogs in your home it is important to know how to clean pet stains. Cleaning New Stains If you find … [Read More...]

Did You Know Your Carpet is One Giant Filter?

There is a good chance that you change the filters on your air conditioner or heating unit on a regular basis. It only makes sense. A dirty filter will allow more pollutants in your home and your unit won't work as well, but did you know that your carpet is a filter as well? It is and it needs to be … [Read More...]

Do Spots Keep Coming Back on Your Carpet? Here’s Why

It seems no matter how careful you are accidents and spills happen. Whether you spill a glass of red wine or your pet didn't make it outside to do their business on time, sooner or later you will have to clean up a mess, but once you do, you would assume it was all behind you. That is until the spot … [Read More...]