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What Water Does to Your Carpets

You may not think a little water could damage your carpets, but you'd be wrong. It doesn't take that much water to cause all sorts of issues. Add even more water, and you've got more than just a mess. When your carpets get wet, the water is pulled down into the fibers and into the padding below, … [Read More...]

Can You Remove Pet Stains from Upholstery?

If you consider your pets part of your family like a lot of people do, then chances are, they are on your furniture. Of course, that can lead to accidents and dreaded pet stains. The question becomes can you do anything about it? First off, if your furniture has some sort of fabric protector on … [Read More...]

How to Clean Pet Stains on Your Upholstery

You love your pets. In fact, they're part of the family. However, just like the rest of the family, they can make messes on your upholstery. When it does happen there are ways to help clean up the mess. For Wet Stains If your pet has urinated on your furniture, you'll want to clean it up … [Read More...]